About us

When long tradition meets modern approach

SKOPLAST Sp. Jawna is a company with a long tradition dating back to 1986. Since then, the company managed by its founders, Stanisław and Krzysztof Szkopek, has been constantly developing and gaining market recognition. The passion and commitment of its owners have made the company one of the industry leaders for 35 years in business.

In order to meet our customers' expectations, from the very beginning we have focused on the highest quality of our products. We know very well that only by providing products of the highest standard it is possible to gain the trust and loyalty of customers. Therefore, by investing in modern technologies and constantly improving production processes, the company not only maintains the high quality of its products, but also constantly raises the bar for the competition.


Aware of the dynamic changes in the market and the customers’ needs, the owners are constantly looking for new solutions and trends. As a result, offered products are always up-to-date and meet the latest market demands. The foundation of our company's success has been built on the assumption that only a top-quality and cutting-edge product can gain the customers' approval. Over the years, the owners have followed this principle, building relationships with their customers based on trust and satisfaction. As a result, SKOPLAST maintains its leading position even when facing competition, constantly striving to improve and increase the standards of its products.

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