PEHD 100 sewage pipes

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PEHD 100 pipes are used for pressure rainwater and sanitary sewage systems. We produce PEHD100 pipes according to the PN-EN 12201-2 standard in the following diameters:

  • PN-6 in diameters DN 90-400,
  • PN-10 in diameters DN 32-500,
  • PN-8 in diameters DN 90-400,
  • PN-12.5 in diameters DN 90-400,
  • PN 16 in diameters DN20-450.

Pipes are in black. They are covered with the GIG Technical Opinion on meeting the conditions for the use of PE in areas affected by mining activities. Depending on the diameter and purpose, the pipe sections can be joined using several methods: butt welding, electrofusion welding, joining with compression fittings. Pipes are available in coils or straight, depending on the nominal diameter.