PEHD 100 water pipes

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PEHD100 pipes are used for the distribution of drinking water. We produce PEHD100 pipes according to PN-EN 12201-2 standard with the following diameters:

  • PN-6 in diameters DN 90-400,
  • PN-10 in diameters DN 32-500,
  • PN-8 in diameters DN 90-400,
  • PN-12.5 in diameters DN 90-400,
  • PN 16 in diameters DN20-450.

Pipes are in black with a blue stripe (for water). They have a Hygienic Certificate No. B.BK.60110.0922.2022 and a GIG Technical Opinion. Depending on the diameter and purpose, pipe sections can be joined using several methods: butt welding, electrofusion welding, joining with compression fittings. Pipes are available in coils or straight, depending on the nominal diameter.